At Food Concepts 360, we believe that food is the language the history of a place is written in, capturing the evolution of a space over time, the people and cultures who have passed through, and the diversity of that movement, ultimately captured in taste.

At our core, we’re narrators, from a team of award winning chefs, to designers from different creative disciplines, telling compelling stories, seasoned with the flavours of custom and culture, which captivate the senses to evoke a shared human connection.

A “food focus” is undoubtedly our insignia, with a Michelin star chef at the helm, curating a sensory fusion of service and taste, in relation to beautiful, functional spaces.

Our approach is to filter global trends through a local lens, delivering authentic, immersive guest experiences in captivating concepts as diverse as the markets we target.

We pride ourselves on delivering the agility and flexibility of a small boutique agency with a highly collaborative creative culture, tailored to the needs of both our private clientele and established international hotel brands. As trendsetting industry experts, we are as passionate about breathing new life into existing concepts, as we are about creating new and exciting signature menus, interior design, branding and offering operational support.